First visit to the studio

Most of our classes consist of vinyasa yoga classes. We also offer yin yoga, nidra yoga, pilates, fitness and inversion (handstands) classes, alongside classes inspired by dancing (barre) and workshops. You can find the description of our classes here.

Vinyasa yoga is a dynamic style of yoga that focuses on linking breath and movement. Postures (asanas) follow each other in a fluid manner, creating a continuous sequence of movement. 

A regular yoga practice can bring multiple physical, mental, and emotional benefits. These include: 

  • Better flexibility, balance, and posture;
  • Increased strength;
  • Reduced stress;
  • Better body awareness;
  • Feeling of being grounded. 

We recommend that you dress in a comfortable manner, with light breathable clothes. If you have a yoga mat, you can bring your own. Otherwise, we have a limited number of mats to rent at the studio at the cost of 2$ per visit. You can also bring a water bottle if you want. We will take care of the rest.

La majorité de nos classes sont de type yoga vinyasa. Nous offrons également des cours de yin yoga, yoga nidra, pilates, fitness, d’inversions, des classes inspirées du monde de la danse, ainsi que des ateliers thématiques. Vous pouvez consulter la description de nos classes en consultant la section description des cours de notre site web.

No. Both our studios are only heated in the winter, to make sure that they are kept at a comfortable temperature. In the summer, we may use air conditioning at some moment, to keep our studios in the mid-20 degree range.

It is preferable to begin with the “Studio Basic” class. This class will give you solid foundations upon which to build your yoga practice on. Pilates, barre and yin classes are also a good choice if you are starting a new movement practice. You can consult the description of our classes here.

We created classes with the specific intent in mind. The FIT, pilates and Force and Flow classes will allow you to work on physical strength in a different way than with yoga, while the Ultime and the FIT classes will allow you to work on cardiovascular endurance. You can consult the description of our classes here.

It is preferable to make a reservation, especially for evening classes that have a tendency to fill up quite quickly. We will happily allow you to take class without a reservation when there is still room available. 

It is optimal to arrive 10 to 15 minutes before the start of class. During the day and on weekends, our door is only unlocked 15 minutes before the start of a class. Accordingly, it is preferable to not arrive too long in advance in order to avoid waiting outside. However, we will not allow late arrivals in the classes. 

Regular visits at the studio

We do not have lockers but you can leave your belongings in the changing rooms. If you prefer, you can also bring your bag with you in the studios. In that case, we only ask that they are put away in the designated area and that cell phones are put on silent. 


We have common changing rooms for people identifying as women and people identifying as men, as well as individual gender neutral changing rooms. Our restrooms are gender neutral. 

Yes. We have showers in both the men’s and women’s changing rooms. They are equipped with soap only. We rent shower towels for the cost of 2$. 

Cell phones are not allowed in the studios, unless they are put on silent mode, tucked away in your bag. 

Yes, if you have a monthly renewable pass or if you purchased a three, six or twelve-month unlimited pass. It is necessary to have a mat bag (or any type of bag that covers the entirety of your mat) to do so. If you do not have this type of membership or if you do not use a mat bag, it is unfortunately not possible to leave your mat at the studio. 

No, our classes never expire. However, our reservation system will put an expiration date by default, which we will be happy to modify to your request. 

No, class packs are not shareable. 

Unfortunately we won’t be able to let you attend class if you arrive late. This policy is enforced to make sure everyone can have a positive experience in the class, from start to finish. 

This decision is very personal. If you feel like you want to eat before class, we suggest that you do so at least 60 minutes before the start of the class. 

It is important to cancel a reservation as soon as possible, in order to let other people join the class. If you do not cancel at least 6 hours before the start of the class, we reserve the right to use one of the classes from your class pack, or to charge a 12$ penalty to your credit card if you have an unlimited option. 

You can make a reservation one month in advance. 

Yes, but only if you consent to it using specially made cards that are available at the studio. If you do not have a card close to your mat, teachers will only give out verbal adjustments. 

We do. It is available at the studio only (not for online purchases), upon presentation of a student ID. 

It is always a good idea to chat about this type of situation with the instructor prior to the start of the class. If necessary, the instructor will be able to suggest some modifications for postures that might be contraindicated for you. If you are followed by a doctor, you should make sure that your condition does not make yoga contraindicated at large.

In most cases, yes. However, it is important to inform the instructor of this and to avoid certain poses (mostly twists, inversions, and postures on the belly), any type of pranayama that focuses on breath retention, as well as any type of deep abdominal work. Don’t forget that balancing poses can become increasingly difficult over the course of your pregnancy; don’t hesitate to use a wall or blocs to make them easier and more accessible. Drink plenty of water and take breaks whenever you feel like it, including to go to the bathroom. Listen to your body and don’t force anything. If you have questions or concerns, do not hesitate to talk with us. 


To become a member, you have two options: first, you can subscribe to an unlimited monthly renewable subscription that comes with a three month minimal commitment, or, second, you can buy a three, six, or twelve month unlimited non renewable pass.

Being a member gives you access to the following advantages: leaving your mat at the studio, reduced rates on workshops, and free special events, including the ones held most thursdays. 

Yes, absolutely. It is possible to suspend a membership for:

  • Auto renewal membership: a period of time of one, two or three months 
  • – 1 year : one month / once a year 
  • – 6 months: no suspension allowed 
  • To do so, just email us at info@studiomileend.com with the dates you will be away. These dates do not have to match your billing cycle; the system will automatically adjust the number of days that you have paid and will make them available to you upon your return or will push back the next membership payment. 

After the initial three-month minimal commitment period, you can cancel whenever you want by giving us a one-month notice. To do so, just email us at info@studiomileend.com and we will be able to confirm with you the last day you will be able to come take class, alongside the date of the final payment.

We do. It is available at the studio only (not for online registration), upon presentation of a student ID. 


We sure do. All the information on that subject can be found here.

We have a few offerings for people that have completed a 200h teacher training and wish to deepen their knowledge: a mentorship program, a chakra training program, and a yoga nidra program