STUDIO BASIC (all levels)

A class of Vinyasa yoga, specially formulated to demystify yoga postures. These classes will provide a greater understanding of our style of Vinyasa in order to more easily participate in STUDIO I and LE STUDIO classes. This class is also for people who want to revisit their basic yoga or desiring to go deeper in their postures.




Yin yoga is a great addition to any active practice (yang) of asanas. The postures are held longer and are intended specifically for connective tissue (not muscles). On an energetic level, Yin stimulates the flow of prana (vital energy) in the tissues around the joints, where energy often stagnates.



SLOW STUDIO (all levels +)

A class of Vinyasa yoga, specially formulated to demystify yoga postures. A class for those looking to deepen their knowledge of postures while moving slower than in Studio 1 classes.

STUDIO 1 (intermediate)

A Vinyasa type class, which is a variation more accessible than our signature class LE STUDIO. It is a rhythmic, physically and mentally challenging Vinyasa type class. Enjoy your favorite postures and new discoveries the sequence will take you through.


HONEY STUDIO 1 (intermediate)

60 minutes STUDIO 1 followed by 30 minutes of Yin or restorative…. simply delicious!


STUDIO 2 (intermediate +)

Our signature class is a Vinyasa type class emphasizing rhythm, creativity, and alignment. The sequences are innovative and well thought-out.

HONEY STUDIO 2 (intermediate +)

One hour of our signature vinyasa class followed by 30 minutes of Yin and\or restorative yoga . The sequences are innovative and well thought-out… it tastes like honey!

MASTER STUDIO (advanced)

A step in deeper waters.  Inspired from LE STUDIO. It is a Vinyasa based class with a workshop feel that focuses on specific topics that are explored in depth.  Perfect for advanced students, teachers and those simply wanting to work in a deeper way.


Yoga or Fitness classes offered at 10$ expanding class’s accessibility to the community.


This class will integrate yoga and strengthening into a fun flow!

By using light weights our muscles will be asked to work differently than they do in a more classic yoga class; the intention being to help us feel stronger and more powerful. Working with resistance builds resilience and creates new neural connections, thus developing better muscular endurance.

Props – light weights (2-5lbs) or you can substitute with things you have around the house ex cans, water bottle, laundry detergent container 


Take a moment in your day to pause, to ground and reset with 30 minutes of meditation. * Free practice.


Ashtanga/Aṣṭāṅga Vinyāsa Yoga is a particular style of yoga created by Sri T. Krishnamacharya in the first quarter of the twentieth century. It is the root of all modern Vinyāsa yoga classes. In the Ashtanga Exploration class come and join us in a breath-centred rediscovery of the body. By slowing down and exploring in detail the vinyāsas of the tradition, with ujjāyī breathing, dṛṣṭi gazing, and awareness of the bandhas, everyone can learn to cultivate their own personal practice.

A playful class geared to challenge both you and your handstand practice!
Whether you are just starting to explore handstands or you already have some experience, this class will meet you where you’re at.
Each practice will focus on drills, movement patterns and exercises that help you to increase your strength, stability and mobility, as well as your spatial awareness and proprioception when going upside down.
Come prepared to strengthen your muscles but also your patience and courage!


PILATES (all levels +)

The Pilates Method is composed of a set of postural exercises and movements. These exercises are designed to strengthen and stretch our deep, stabilizing muscles to optimize the use of our apparent muscles and improve our body alignment. These classes will allow you to deepen your Yoga as ever!

PILATES (intermediate)

Pilates is a gentle gymnastics for the body composed of a set of postural and movement exercises. PILATES 2 aims to dive more deeply into the Pilates practice, maintaining a steady pace and exploring in the range of intermediate and advanced exercises.

BARRE (all levels +)

This class is a fun and energizing class that moves to the music while working muscle strength and tone, posture, flexibility, balance and coordination. Rooted in ballet barre technique, Pilates and strength training, this class is guaranteed to have you working hard while putting a smile on your face!

ULTIME (intermediate)

ULTIME is a mix of cardio, muscle toning, breath work, music and intensity. With repetitive mouvements, the inner fire is awaken to liberate and transform internal tensions, bring clarity to the mind and access the powerful vitality of the body. All with added moments of pauses to take the time to consciously feel and be present to the body’s sensations. 

FIT (intermediate)

FIT class is high-intensity interval training using your body weight and various props, including elastics and free weights. This well-rounded work out will help you gain strength, increase your muscle and cardiovascular endurance, and improve your stability and alignment. An excellent complement to your yoga practice! 

Without shoes but with a yoga mat!