Get to know us



Since 2013 you’ve known us as Le Studio de Yoga Wanderlust.


With your support, the studio founded by Erik and Geneviève has become a pillar  in the Montreal yoga scene.  


Over the years the studio has developed its signature;  Each sequence seamlessly unites rigor and intelligence with creativity and fluidity, offering a challenge that is as much physical as it is metal. The dedication of the teachers along with the carefully selected playlists, give the space an unparalleled vibrance  and  warmth.  As the community continues to grow, the mission remains the same.   


This is our signature, our stamp of excellence, and it deserves to have its own name!!


The events of 2020, pivotal for so many, have served as a catalyst for transformation and elevation.  Leading us to evolve from Le Studio de Yoga Wanderlust to become STUDIO MILE END

This new name, chosen by Ariane Paradis, Rachel Jacobs and Geneviève  Guérard, (the trio at the head of the studio) seemed like a natural choice.


our Mission


Studio Mile End is a place where the practice of conscious movement, from yoga to Pilates, along with complimentary fitness modalities, aims to give you tools to support both a healthy body and mind. 


At the studio we strongly believe that moving, breathing and calming the hamster in each of our heads, is a natural and efficient way of elevating our energy levels, our feeling of joy and our ability to face daily stresses. 


 Our mission is to offer you a space, a practice, a challenge, a moment in your day that will serve to recharge and revitalize you.  


A place where we strive to offer practices that help you learn about movement and technique but also about yourself.


Trust us when we say; your friends, your children, your colleagues and the planet will also feel the benefits.


We consider Studio Mile End to be a progressive space built on authenticity and compassion. Thus we commit to education, to questioning ourselves, to bringing awareness to privilege, to diverse representation in yoga and to building a safe space.  We are committed to this daily and long term education and activism.