Are you ready to springboard your professional development as a yoga instructor? STUDIO MILE END is pleased to introduce its new mentorship program designed for YOGA teachers and anyone who has completed a 200-hour YOGA teacher training program.


We have led 200-hour teacher training for 10 years and believe that a foundational training provides graduates with the toolset to teach, however there is a deeper need for practical application along with one-on-one guidance, support and feedback. The mentorship program fills this need, providing the experience to move forwards with confidence. This innovative program offers you one on one interaction with your mentor, as well as classes you observe with structured guidelines detailing what to pay attention to and the opportunity to assist your mentor’s classes as well as receive direct feedback on your own teaching and assisting. 


The rigor, intelligence and creativity that serve as a foundation for each of the classes you’ve taken at STUDIO MILE END are also the signatures of its mentorship program. 


Our goal is that your experience of this unparalleled program feels tailored-fit and meets your unique needs and aspirations. Open and honest communication with your mentor will ensure that she/he is able to provide you with the absolute best support throughout your time working together. Please write down questions as they arise and be sure to address your concerns and curiosities with your mentor.


 This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Understanding our teaching habits, abilities, strengths and weaknesses are key to offering cleaner, clearer and more engaged classes as well as being a more receptive and responsive guide.



Student-Mentor partnerships are chosen carefully to align goals, strengths, passions and schedules.  To ensure quality, the STUDIO MILE END mentorship program follows a detailed manual with clear directives.  In addition, mentors are supported by a senior guidance staff member. The program lasts 2 months and is a total of 30 professional training hours, recognized by the Yoga Alliance as continuing education hours. Participants can apply anytime.


16 contact hours and 15 non-contact hours in a total of 30 hour program.

Structured observation of 6 regularly scheduled classes

~ Improve and understand classroom management ~

~ Adjustments and assists ~

~ Sequencing ~ 

~ Voice quality ~ 

~ Circulation in the space ~

~ Delivery and cueing ~


Observation sessions are structured to specific themes that focus attention and deepen awareness of best practices while leading a yoga session. You will observe your mentor teaching 3 times and other teachers guiding 3 times through SME’s online hybrid platform.

Official Assistant at 3 of your mentor’s classes

You will circulate in the room and offer physical assists and adjustments to participants while your mentor is guiding. 


These sessions will be structured and have feedback directly after.

3 classes you will teach that will be observed by your mentor

You will receive feedback about the content and the delivery of your classes to grow.

A workbook to direct your study and progress shared with your Mentor for easy interactions and follow-up.

A 2-month full access membership to the STUDIO MILE END while partaking in the mentorship program.


1075$ + taxes

If you choose to pay 1075$ +tax you are someone who has limited employment security, an artist, or a full-time student.

1200$ + taxes

If you choose to pay $1200 +tax you have moderate job security, and some financial freedom

1325$ + taxes

If you choose to pay $1325 +tax you have job security, disposable income, and can afford to take time off and vacations regularly.

Your mentorship takes place over 2 months.

A privileged opportunity to ask all your questions to the one who created this program: Rachel JACBOS & Jill CAMPBELL! This info session is online and at the studio!



Use this link to connect online on the 8th of September @ 6:30PM 

Password: 295040 


Looking forward to meet you! 



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