75h ~ 4 WEEKENDS
STUDIO MILE END is proud to present the brand-new Mat PILATES Teacher Training created by Marwa Al Mubarak and Ariane Paradis.


This 75-hour training, spread over 4 weekends, will focus on learning and understanding the classic exercises created by Joseph Pilates and how they can support homeostasis.

Through the exploration of these exercises, participants will better understand their own bodies and develop proprioception. They will also observe others in movement to refine their ability to read bodies in motion.


This training will not only teach the classic exercises created by Joseph Pilates, but will offer a journey towards a better understanding of the impact of breath in movement, how to move with little or no compensation, the use of props to support this type of practice, and the art of using words to guide an embodied practice.

Friday | 6pm to 9pm
Saturday & Sunday | 8am to 4pm


22-23-24 OF NOVEMBER
24-25-26 OF JANUARY 2025
14-15-16 OF FEBRUARY
~ the approch ~

Over the last 5 years, Marwa and Ariane have worked together to develop the Pilates program at STUDIO MILE END; a holistic approach that helps to support a yoga practice, and other physical activities, along with the grind of daily life. In the last decade, Pilates has taken two primary directions; 1) fitness, 2) rehabilitation. 


It’s important for us to find a balance between these 2 directions so that practitioners feel their bodies working intelligently.  This approach respects the STUDIO MILE END signature: the rigor and intelligence of the sequences, perfectly combining creativity, physical and mental challenge and precise postural alignment.


~ the program ~


22, 23, 24TH OF NOVEMBER 2024
History of Pilates ~ Pillars of Pilates ~ Breathing: diaphragm & pelvic floor ~ Movement and anatomy of the spine & Beginner exercises ~ Lower body movements & anatomy & associated exercises for beginners


6, 7, 8TH OF DECEMBER 2024
The art of sequencing: the planes of movement, strategies for building a complete sequence ~ Intermediate spine exercise ~ Upper body movements & anatomy & beginner exercises


24, 25, 26TH OF JANUARY 2025
Teaching Cues: exploring and understanding the effect of words in somatic experience Intermediate-advanced quadruped and inversion exercises ~ Accessories: small ball, magic circle, block, roller, blanket, elastic


14, 15, 16TH OF FEBRUARY 2025
Advanced exercises ~ Ethics - Inclusivity ~ Diverse populations + contraindications: pregnant women + post-natal, osteoporosis, hernia, etc. ~ Review ~ Practical exam ~ Closing circle
~ PRICE & registration ~
1850$ Regular | NO TAX
1650$ Former TT | NO TAX

One 50% tuition bursary for people from marginalized communities – application deadline June 1st 2024. 


*Includes 2 months of studio practice & 4 months of online practice 

Payment plan available 3 payments: 

1st of OCTOBER


15th of JANUARY 2025

*** Deposit of 300$ to reserve your spot, included 100$ of management fees non refundable ***

    ~ teaching team ~


    Movement has always been a part of my life. Like many young girls, I started with Gymnastics and ballet and as I got older these morphed into Yoga & Pilates as well as running, lifting and other physical forms of movement.


    I first started teaching after trying my luck out in the corporate world, where I soon realized sitting was not for me! A shoulder impingement (from using the mouse) convinced me to leave it and try teaching movement. I did her first yoga TT in 2015 with All Yoga, an Ashtanga based training. A second in Ibiza in 2016 with an Ayurveda focus. Later that same year I did a comprehensive Pilates TT with Polestar Pilates, that has a more modern and dare I say therapeutic/adapted approach to the practice.


    The latter highly influenced my approach to movement by encouraging me to see every body as unique in their response and expression of asanas and exercises.

    Finally, during the pandemic, I discovered  The Franklin Method, a unique approach to teaching movement which focuses on the use of words, cues, imagery and embodiment.


    The combination of all those trainings have had a profound influence on my sequencing and style of teaching. My main goal from any class is to step away from rigidity, from ‘burning calories’ and to just bring pleasure back into movement. I believe movement classes should first and foremost be enjoyable and inspire people to challenge their bodies for the fun of it.


    When I was 5, my parents enrolled me in gymnastics  to help develop my balance; it was the start of a long journey. Passionate about dance (Bac – UQÀM 2008), I had to work hard to understand my body and improve my mobility, flexibility and stability. 


    When I discovered pilates, I discovered an approach that put into words the subtlety of muscular engagement and alignment in movement. I completed a Mat Pilates training with Ann McMillan in 2009, and have been teaching this practice ever since. Over the past 15 years, my background in yoga (500h // 2014, 100h // 2017 + therapeutic yoga training 300h // 2022), somatic education (DESS 2015) and pilates (continuing education) has enabled me to refine my knowledge and understanding of the body in movement, as well as my reading of the practitioners. 


    I believe, the practice of pilates is essential  to understanding our movement patterns and thus to improving them; to rediscover the engagement of stabilizing muscles to lighten the so-called energy-guzzling muscles, to rediscover optimal alignment to improve the quality of movement.