our values


Building human connection and nourishing the human condition is at the heart of our practice. Like life itself, human beings are imperfect and hold a certain beautiful fragility. But there is strength in caring for one another. Holding space and working together towards greater compassion, openness and inclusion is what brings us together.


Not in the religious or “guru” sense of the term. We are practitioners because we ourselves practice what we preach. Each teacher is dedicated to using tools, such as conscious movement, meditation and mindfulness to help us live with a little more ease. Our practice helps us to be thankful as well as resilient in the face of what life brings. Life can be messy, and practice isn't a cure, but it helps provide us with tools to manage the challenging, tough moments the world may throw in our direction. Building connection through movement, breath and awareness is the root of our practice.


We have so much to learn and we strive to do so with humility. The ongoing evolution of the studio is a direct reflection of our unquenchable thirst to learn, to teach and to continue moving forward together.


We stand in solidarity with our team and our community, making a commitment to be accountable for our actions and working together to have a positive impact on history.