Ariane paradis

At the age of five, Ariane Paradis began gymnastics classes to improve her balance ... and 25 years later she is the living proof that perseverance and determination can accomplish miracles. In 2008, she completed her training in contemporary dance at UQÀM. In January 2010, she was certified pilates floor instructor by Ann McMillan Pilates. Since the project IN LIMBO, an initiative of Lynda Gaudreault in April 2010, she immersed herself in the world of Marie-Joëlle Hadd, Andrée-Anne Ratthé, Caroline Dussault, Jade Marquis and Caroline St-Laurent. Always fascinated by the intelligence of the human body in motion, she will graduate in 2015 of Naada Yoga 500 hours teacher training and of a Masters in somatic at l’UQÀM.


Passionate about discoveries and adventure, I have always sought to push my personal boundaries. I first focussed on physical boundaries, but my discovery of yoga in 2011 led me to take this intention to new depths. After three years of regular practice, I went to India for the first time to study Ashtanga/Vinyasa, and I have shared my practice since then. The combination of Eastern yoga philosophy and the creative yoga sessions of the West are why Vinyasa flow speaks to me the most. The intelligence and creativity of the sequences and the precision of its anatomical references are what makes this practice intellectually interesting without compromising the liberating aspect. For me, yoga is a powerful tool for transformation that comes first and foremost by developing awareness of the breath. This is then transposed to all of our being, then to the collective consciousness. Yoga is now my lifestyle and my passion, and I feel truly privileged to be able to share this with the community.


Yoga has a continuous and evolving presence in my life. Through practice, I learned to breathe, to be aware, to find ease and grace in transitions helping me cultivate grounding and courage to face everyday challenges.  From the safe space created on the mat, I can discover and create what and who I am. Using the unique awareness that yoga permits between mind and body, I was able start the long process of freeing myself from conditioning and patterns. As a teacher, I strive to offer sequences that reflect my own evolution in a caring space in which students can come to encounter themselves through breath and movement for a journey towards calming the mind to welcome peace and happiness.


Dahlia holds a bachelor’s in Psychology from the University of Ottawa and is passionate about movement, music and health & wellness. She has been dancing since the age of 3 and is trained in classical ballet (Advanced 1 R.A.D.), jazz, tap, contemporary, and musical theatre. In more recent years, she has combined her passion for dance with fitness, specializing in Barre Fitness and Mat Pilates. She is also a certified Personal Trainer (F.I.T.) focused on Corrective Conditioning. She is currently an active dance & fitness instructor living in Montreal. Come join her at the barre for a fun and energizing workout!

geneviève guérard

After a career in dance as a principal dancer with Les Grands Ballets Canadiens until 2006, Geneviève made her transition outside the dance world when she joined the famous "Match des étoiles" tv show on Radio Canada. She has been working since as a freelance commentator on cultural and wellness topics for various radio and television shows. Eager to get back to mouvement, she finds yoga and feels it is nothing less than a revelation. After 20 years of classical dance, she feels like a new full breath entered her life. She also feels she has finally found a practice that will keep her physically and mentally young and at the same time fully present to what is and that everything passes. She co-built this studio in 2013. She is also, in her dreams, a great stand up comedian.

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eliza moore

Trained in the Ashtanga, Iyengar, Yin, and Nidra methods of yoga, as well as a certified personal trainer, her teaching pulls from all of these methods, pairing a flowing sequence with a focus on physical alignment, strength, mobility, depth of breath, and internal awareness.

Trained as a musician at the London Guildhall School of Music and Drama, Eliza always includes stimulating music in her classes and you may even hear her shining voice in some of her yoga sessions. Through all of her work, Eliza’s intention is to cultivate an atmosphere of healing, wellbeing, peace of mind, and consciousness.


Every job or hobby I ever invested myself in plateaued. I realized that yoga had transitioned with me through many life changes and managed, not only hold on, but to stimulate interest, questions and growth. The more i learned and practiced the more i wanted to learn and practice. On the micro level, asana provides a place where i can let go of all else that swirls around in my mind; on a more macro level, it has helped me through life challenges and enriched my experience along the way, providing a platform for self-love, support and community. My refuge, my temple, my student, my meditation, my movement, my mirror, my counsellor, my community, my devil's advocate, my rudder, my teacher, my breath, my soul... it's right here, and, for so many reasons, i feel it all deeply when moving through asana. How can I not share it with others? I've practiced with wonderful guides and gurus. I pass on their teachings in honour and appreciation.


I was already 30 years old when I found yoga. What a discovery! What a tool! Of all the methods I tried to be more serene, to feel good in my body and calm my wandering mind, it's yoga which made me - and still makes me – progress the most. Coming from a scientific background, I have a rather pragmatic approach to yoga. I like to understand - and make others understand - why we do what we do in yoga. Moreover, having always loved dancing, I like fluid, playful and creative flows while paying strict attention to alignments. Finally, being a nervous and very energetic person, my classes - and my practice - are filled with physically demanding postures and asanas working on the body's flexibility. Most importantly I focus on coming back to the breath and adapting the practice to current needs.


"With a fondness for rigorous activity, precision, and grace, I fell in love with the Vinyasa style. As an energetic and often busy person, I find a regular asana practice helps me to find self-assurance and composure in the face of effort, to transcend my limitations, and let go of my tendency towards an impeding perfectionism. Finally, my passion for yoga met my keenness for teaching! I now strive to guide my students with the dedication, earnestness and compassion my teachers have shown me. My classes aim to cultivate an inviting and safe space that stimulates self-exploration and growth through energetic, alignment based sequences with foundation in breath awareness.” 

angela soboh

My introduction to yoga wasn’t easy. I had a lot of resistance at the beginning. Through the different layers of resistance I believe that yoga helped me find myself again, a Self that I had lost along the journey.

The practice helped me find an anchor to come back to, a home. I was seeking deeper connection, reasoning, refuge and awareness which were provided to me through the practice of yoga. In 2016 I travelled to Bali to pursue a 200hrs Vinyasa Training and since then I haven’t stopped learning. Through the years I’ve taken multiple trainings and workshops with various teachers in and outside of Montreal. As a teacher and a student my practice and teaching are always evolving and changing. I’m currently pursuing my studies in Kinesitherapy (sport related injuries) and Orthotherapy to further my knowledge of the human body.


My first contact with yoga was a revelation. I knew somehow that this practice was going to be part of my live. There is no place in the world where I feel more at home than when I practice or teach yoga. When I found yoga I also found my path; I discovered techniques that would help me understand and love myself. I felt the urge to share what I was living inside, I felt I needed to teach and so I was trained in Hatha Yoga. I am learning and exploring everyday and everyday my practice is growing and flourishing. Amazed by the transformations on the body and the mind, the beauty, the grace, the connection to the breath and to the self that I meet in Vinyasa Yoga, this is what I teach and practice the most. My mission is to share that passion and love of yoga to the people.


With a background in gymnastics, a love for long distance running I resisted going to Yoga for a long time thinking it was for ‘softies’. However, after a friend dragged me to my first class, I knew that the practice would be with me for a LONG time. I began practicing regularly in 2011, through different career changes. Finally in 2015, when I was working in advertising in Dubai, I decided to do my first Ashtanga based teacher training in Bali and followed up with a Hatha and Ayurveda training in Ibiza in 2016 after  moving back to Montreal. Later that year I completed a Pilates Teacher Training in Montreal. More than a love for Yoga and Pilates, I have a love for intelligent movement and how it reflects the inner workings of the mind but also has the power to expand it. Both these philosophies have had a huge influence on my life and how I deal with all kinds of experiences. I now combine both forms of movement in my classes to help practitioners find functional mobility, flexibility and strength in their bodies, as well as helping them develop greater awareness of the mind body connection.


Since she discovered yoga, Patricia has developed strength and gained confidence in life. For the passionate and active girl she was, it was the perfect lifestyle to adopt! So she took the big step and decided to make it her career. The more she explores the practice of yoga, the more she realizes the benefits of it every day. She learned to breathe deeper and calm her mind so she can see all the positivity around her. She is part of the 1st Wanderlust teacher training edition, she wants to continue to learn and teach her passion to her students.


I discover yoga in 2001 during a session of classical ballet training at Montreal’s Dance Conservatory. The two first years of my voyage through this discipline were more difficult. Slowly, my relationship with yoga transformed itself into love at first sight. It then became obvious to me that I needed to teach. In 2009, I started the Hatha yoga teacher training at the Satyam school of Hatha yoga with Swami Premananda Saraswati (Hervé Blondon). Yoga is a passion, a daily exercise, but especially a lifestyle that allows me to maintain harmony in all aspects of my life. For me, a yoga class is a protected space that allows each person to enter inside themselves and achieve their own objectives, their own well-being.


Rachel has been teaching yoga since 2009.  She completed her teacher training at Downward Dog Studio in Toronto and has continued her education at a number of studios in Montreal with a long list of workshops and specialty classes.  She has also completed a certification in prenatal yoga. Rachel finished a university degree in Health Science and before becoming a yoga teacher worked as a circus artist touring throughout North America and Europe with the Montreal based companies Cavalia and Cirque Eloïze.   Being on tour and performing every night can be pretty uprooting.  Practicing yoga always helped to find a sense of stability and balance. Rachel teaches yoga with a global perspective looking to deepen her students understanding of their own bodies and of the different yoga postures.  She hopes her students will be able to bring what they have learned on the mat out into their everyday lives.


Ever since I can remember I have been interested in different tools for self discovery and expansion of thought.  I believe this is what led me to meditation and the practice of yoga asana in my adolescence.  Always active, asana was a great compliment to my other physical activities, and meditation a tool for calming and focusing my busy mind.

Benoit ruel

Benoit is first and foremost an artist and creator. He is inspired by the situations, elements and people that surround him. He makes a point of offering an accessible and inclusive experience to the students who practice with him. His presence, voice and humour make him a dynamic, human and an authentic teacher. Through yoga, he has found the ability to see beyond appearances and has come to understand that it is not the goal that is important, but the process and what one feels through it. From there, one can achieve great things.


As a holistic movement facilitator I find it important to look at the interdependent connection of all the system's of the body, mind and spirit. Through subtle and not so subtle explorations of our mobility, breathing, and nervous system we can navigate our inner and outer worlds so we can be better prepared for the ups and downs of life. I have studied various inner and outer movement modalities which include but are not limited too; Functional range systems, tune up, nidra, yin, vinyasa, hatha, breathwork and meditation... I want to help my community better connect with themselves and others to avoid & mitigate injury and confusion. Don't be shy, I'm here to help.

jess dunn

Having practiced dance and martial arts from a very young age, movement and the practice of a discipline has always been an integral part of my life. I started doing hot yoga as a physical workout, not knowing that I would soon discover a world of possibilities. After a few months, I noticed deep changes in myself. An awareness and understanding that I had never felt before. In 2017 I embarked on a Hatha yoga teacher training which has allowed me to live from my passion and to grow day by day as a student teacher. Over the years, I have accumulated more than 650 hours of training on different subjects that I am passionate about, such as anatomy, mobility, pranayamas and more! I like to guide creative, intelligent sequences that remain simple to allow for mental detachment. My practices are accompanied by clear fluid breath cues linked to movement. Yoga and movement are synonymous with freedom, union and strength.This is what I hope to transmit in my classes.

Tanja Nachtigall

Tanja is a passionate yoga teacher who believes in adapting yoga for everybody and every body. From Chair Yoga, Hatha, Yin, Yoga Nidra and Vinyasa, she draws inspiration from her surroundings and encourages students to slow down and connect with their lived experiences. Through her teachings, she strives to create an inviting and inclusive space for all. Tanja’s approach to yoga is grounded in the principles of embodied anti-racism, as she believes that the practice should serve as a tool for healing and liberation, both individually and in community. She is committed to challenging body supremacies that are often present in yoga and wellness spaces. With an open heart and a deep respect for the practice, Tanja is dedicated to sharing the transformative power of yoga with students at STUDIO MILE END. »

Gabrielle Ouellet

In 2016, after several years of regular practice, Gabrielle moved to India to complete her studies in Hatha and Ashtanga yoga. Since then, she has been traveling the world to study different lineages of yoga, pilates, meditative and energetic practices, pre and post natal yoga, which have allowed her to gain a good understanding of the physical and subtle body. In each of her classes, she aspires to offer fluidity and challenge in a creative way without losing the ancient magic that anchors the practice of yoga. She currently teaches full time in Montreal, as well as offering trainings and retreats to allow her students to immerse themselves in the teachings.