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Studio Mile End is a place where the practice of conscious movement, from yoga to Pilates, along with complimentary fitness modalities, aims to give you tools to support both a healthy body and mind. At the studio we strongly believe that moving, breathing and calming the hamster in each of our heads, is a natural and efficient way of elevating our energy levels, our feeling of joy and our ability to face daily stresses. Our mission is to offer you a space, a practice, a challenge, a moment in your day that will serve to recharge and revitalize you. A place where we strive to offer practices that help you learn about movement and technique but also about yourself. Trust us when we say; your friends, your children, your colleagues and the planet will also feel the benefits. We consider Studio Mile End to be a progressive space built on authenticity and compassion. Thus we commit to education, to questioning ourselves, to bringing awareness to privilege, to diverse representation in yoga and to building a safe space. We are committed to this daily and long term education and activism.