27TH & 28TH OF APRIL 2024
3RD OF MAY 2024
STUDIO MILE END and Pat Letendre are pleased to offer an immersive TRAINING to learn and deepen the theory and structure of a Nidra.

Yoga Nidra is the equivalent of lucid sleep. It is a traditional technique of deep relaxation, allowing the different “bodies” or Koshas to relax. The benefits are felt on the physical, energetic and emotional bodies.


15hrs – To learn and understand the theory behind the practice of Yoga Nidra

5hrs – Integration and application for teachers who would like to guide this practice 


Constructed in two parts, the first 15 hours will focus on the theory and structure of the practice, the Koshas, brain waves, the nervous system, the breath and how the practice affects them.


Imagery, archetypes, language and resolution will also be explored and discussed.


An additional 5 hour training will be offered to those who would like to guide this practice. During this practical integration and application, you will learn how to hold space and how to most effectively use your voice to guide a Nidra. We will also look at how to create your own Nidra text.


• Introduction (yoga Nidra and its steps)
• The koshas (the different “bodies” according to yoga philosophy), layer by layer relaxation
• The brain, brain waves
• The nervous system and breathing
• Language, choice of words and the importance of repetition
• The imagination and archetypes
• Voice and rhythm
• Shankalpa, working with intention recognizing our samskaras
• caution, power and abuse
• metta, presence, holding space.


15 hours training (open to all)
April 27th& 28th from 8am to 4pm (30-45 minutes lunch)

5 hours practical integration and application for teachers
3rd of May 11am to 4pm (no lunch)


27th and 28th of April 2024 // 15H of theory: 

355$ (SME training students // 320$)


+ 3rd of May // theory and teaching skills: 

475$ ( SME training students // 430$)


27th and 28th of April // 15H of theory: 



+ 3rd of May // theory and teaching skills : 



You can either pay the whole amount at registration or you can also:

Pay a deposit of 50$ at registration reserve your spot (non-refundable)

35%  on 1st of April 2024

35% on 20th of April 2024

30% on 1st of May 2024

Contact us to ask your payment plan below