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Chloé ROBERTSON // Thursday 12 of January @ 7:30pm

. Event at the STUDIO .

The chakras are a system that enable us to navigate the energetic body and the vibrational aspect of our being.In this class, we will use the physical body, through movement and asanas, to experience in a concrete way energy and its impact on the body, mind, emotions and states of consciousness.

The more we understand the energetic reality of our experiences, the more we can develop the capacity to regulate and harmonise our states by this same energetic pathway. This can often be more direct and efficient than addressing the thoughts and emotions themselves.
If the chakra training is of interest to you, this class will give you a window into the wide universe of the chakras!


Katrina GRAHAM // Thursday 19th of January @ 7:30pm

. Event at the STUDIO .

This class is an opportunity to play with different hand-balancing poses and transitions– wherever you are at in your practice! Sometimes the build up to a peak pose like handstand can be daunting, so this class is about exploring fun and creative drills to build the strength and technique you need to get upside down comfortably.


Patricia LETENDRE // Thursday 26th of January @ 7:30pm

. Event at the STUDIO .

Yoga Nidra is the equivalent of lucid sleep. It is a traditional technique of deep relaxation, allowing the different "bodies" or Koshas to relax. The benefits are felt on the physical, energetic and emotional bodies.

Through the use of mind-body rotation exercises, breathing and visualization techniques, a state of deep relaxation is induced.

Yoga Nidra re-educates sleep and represents a bridge to awakening. The practice is done in a lying down position, and allows for conscious access to the unconscious so we can install a personal resolution, a "sankalpa" helping to move closer to personal aspirations. By widening consciousness and developing latent potential, Yoga Nidra helps cultivate areas of the brain that are dormant.


Chloé ROBERTSON // 21, 22 & 28th of January 2023

. Training at the STUDIO .

The chakra system is part of the traditional practice of yoga. It is an energetic and vibratory structure that activates different aspects of our being. The chakras, can be used to create inner harmonization and develop the potential of each energy to serve the integration of our entire being.

To understand this system is to have the tools to self-regulate, to awaken to our true nature and to make it concrete through an incarnated experience.

Shaking the stress

Alain STAROSTA // Saturday 4th of February @ 10am

. Workshop at the STUDIO .

TRE (tension release exercises) is a series of seven exercises that turn on our bodies’ natural ability to release deep seated stress, tension and old patterns. Though our stories are important, with TRE you don’t have to talk about your story, the mind takes a rest as your body does the work for you.This technique is easy to learn and has shown very positive results in helping to balance the nervous system and calm the mind.