yoga and fitness events

Spanda - Pulsations

Asami MARTENS // Thursday 29th of February @ 7:30pm

. Event at the STUDIO .

Spanda means pulsation in Sanskrit, and it is one of the important concepts in Tantric philosophy. The practice of Yoga is a constant dance between going inward and outward of our body, mind and heart. In this practice, we will move in flow fashion to understand the pulsation of breath. We will explore how the upper limbs integrate to the joints in order to understand the power of Spanda in poses.


Tanja NACHTIGALL // Sunday 3rd of March @ 6pm

. Event at the STUDIO .

This 90-minute yin yoga practice is a guided study, progressing from the outside in. Beginning with our subtle bodies or koshas and moving through the skin and deeper layers of tissue, we will investigate their unique qualities and refine our sensory awareness using postures held for several minutes.

ASANA - Virabhadrasana

Rachel JACOBS // Thursday 7th of March @ 7:30pm

. Event at the STUDIO .

One of the most common and most popular groups of asanas are the Virabhadrasana or the Warrior poses. In this edition of ASANA, we will explore these simple yet complex structures as well as the stories behind the shapes.

ASANA is a practice that looks at the construction of yoga asanas that often leave us asking the question, "how can I make this work in my body"? Each class will focus on one asana or a family of asanas. The practice will have a light workshop quality, while remaining fun and fluid.

Adho mukha vrksasana (handstand)

Marie-Pier TURGEON // Saturday 13th ofJanuary, 10th of February & 9th of March @ 8:30am

. Workshop at the STUDIO .

This series on fundamental inversions is designed to establish a foundation, understanding and enable you to begin or improve your inversion practice. Inversions are often offered in vinyasa classes and it can seem daunting when you're not familiar with the progressions and variations available.

The 3 workshops will focus on:
Sirsasana (headstand), January 13th
Pincha mayurasana (forearm stand), February 10th
Adho mukha vrksasana (handstand), March 9th

Each workshop will last 2 hours and will include:
- A theoretical aspect: everything to do with alignment, the different variations and ways of entering the postures, counter-indications, the correct use of the breath, etc.
- Most of it will be practical, so that we can try out different progressions and regressions to find out what's best for where we are now.
- A question and answer session.

In the light of these workshops, practitioners should be able to understand where they are, the appropriate variations to practice for themselves and the steps they can follow in order to continue progressing in their inversion practice.

35$ (90$ serie) member / 40$ (100$ serie) regular


Jill CAMPBELL & Gotta LAGO // Tuesday 12th of March @ 6PM

. Event at the STUDIO .

Join Gotta Lago, talented musician, composer and storyteller while he sets the tone for an energizing and calming Studio 1 practice.

Meridian Flow - liver & gallbladder

Ariane PARADIS // Thursday 14th of March @ 7:30pm

. Event at the STUDIO .

Spring is synonymous with growth and renewal. Yang energy grows, a feeling of hope floats in the air and rhythm takes a more upbeat momentum. It's the beginning of a new cycle. The meridians associated with spring are the liver and gallbladder. The liver is linked to yin energy and the gallbladder to yang energy.

This practice will focus on opening these two meridians. A practice of functional movements and asanas designed to prepare the body for the energetic demands of the spring season. A simple, fluid practice where the softness of yin and the warmth of yang complement each other.




Your breath’s motion is your body’s primal life rhythm. Your breath shapes your body as well as your mental “shape” and outlook. 

Body By Breath gives you newfound ways of harvesting the muscular, fascial and neural power that drive respiration and put you in the driver’s seat of self-regulation.

In this masterclass you’ll: 

 ~ Visit three breath zones within your body to unleash a cascade of regeneration and rest 

~ Tour the vast landscape of breath/fascia interfaces 

~ Perform self-massage to illuminate the vagus nerve and ignite a symphony of relaxation. 

Be a body by breath pioneer and explore the science and practice of physical and emotional resilience. 

** We encourage participants to bring pre-purchased book if they would like to get it signed.** 

Cost: 55$

Equinox: Flow and Journaling

Geneviève GUÉRARD // Tuesday 19th of March @ 7:30pm

. Event at the STUDIO .

A gentle movement practice, often on the ground, woven with themes to inspire reflection and writing.

We'll use the spring equinox to take a fresh look at ourselves, gain new insights and find a better balance.

Bring a journal/paper and pencil.

Body Dialogue: Embracing our Extremities

Marwa Al-Mubarak // Thursday 21st of March @ 7:30pm

. Event at the STUDIO .

You probably don't spend much time thinking about your extremities; your hands and feet. Yet, they are the conduits for our interactions with the external world and the expression of our inner selves. Movement practices often reference the pelvic and rib diaphragms and their effects on both the physical and subtle bodies. Less attention is given to pada and hasta Bandha – the foot and hand diaphragms.

These diaphragms serve as conveyors of our internal realms, particularly Mula and Anahata Chakras. Releasing them may initiate a ripple effect closer to our center—helping to release the greater diaphragms. Participants will explore gentle yet potent techniques to release tension held within the ribcage, arms, shoulders, hips, and inner thighs.

This facilitates greater freedom of movement, enhanced breath capacity, and a heightened connection to one’s body and to our external environments.


Alain STAROSTA // Samedi 23rd of March @ 10am

. Event at the STUDIO .

TRE (tension release exercises) is a series of seven exercises that turn on our bodies’ natural ability to release deep seated stress, tension and old patterns. Though our stories are important, with TRE you don’t have to talk about your story, the mind takes a rest as your body does the work for you. This technique is easy to learn and has shown very positive results in helping to balance the nervous system and calm the mind.

Studio 1 Special 11 years

Thursday 18th of March @ 6pm

. Event at the STUDIO .

STUDIO MILE END is celebrating its 11th birthday!!! Come celebrate with a special 11th anniversary class guided by your Awesome Team! A simple way for us to say “thank you” 🙂 We invite you to stay after class for the our 11th birthday PARTY!

Party 11 years!

Thursday 18th of March @ 7:30pm

. Event at the STUDIO .

It’s STUDIO MILE END 11th Birthday!!!

Come celebrate with us! Eleven years ago, on March 1st, 2013, we welcomed the very first students to the Studio. Eleven years later, we're fortunate to continue guiding and welcoming you to our sunny space on the corner of St-Laurent and Laurier. You've helped to build an enthusiastic and growing community.

We had a dream in mind: to create a place where you could come and recharge your batteries, where you'd feel like you'd traveled and found yourself again.

Ariane, Rachel and Geneviève along with the entire Équipe Awesome are excited to invite you to this celebratory event held at the studio on Thursday, March 28 at 7:30pm!

***This event will be preceded by a special "eleventh birthday" class!

Come to the practice and stay for the party afterwards or simply show up to the party to say “cheers”!

Yoga & Astrology

Vanessa DL // Sunday 31st of March @ 2pm

. Event at the STUDIO .

Planetary placements tell precious stories, peppered with information that help us make sense of the events in our lives.

In this 90-minute class, the intention is to take the knowledge of astrology from mind to matter. A practice inspired by the astrological transits of 2024.

Ritualized sequences, soothing postures, dynamic movements and breathing exercises, all harmoniously accompanied by an enchanting musical selection.


Tanja Natchigal // Sunday 31st of March @ 6pm

. Event at the STUDIO .

Decisions, Frustrations, Forgiveness, Future. These are aspects of the Wood Element initiated by the emergence of spring.

Using gentle postures, focused breathing, and acupressure points we'll harmonize the Liver and Gall Bladder meridians to connect with the renewing force of this season.

YIN 90 is an extended yin yoga class providing ample time for the body to soften, the mind to quieten, and the heart to be uplifted, leaving your cup full. We will work with a theme, moving through gentle yet powerful poses, accompanied by mindful breathwork and meditation.