yoga and fitness events

Exploring transitions

Jess DUNN // Thursday 21st September @ 7:30pm

. Event at STUDIO .

Transitions are synonymous with change. They take us from one direction to another, from one posture to another, from slowness to speed, and so on. They can be challenging and destabilizing, and require a great deal of concentration. In this Vinyasa practice, transitions are king. With fluidity, control and creativity, we'll move the body with greater awareness in each transitional moment. We'll also explore different ways of moving from one arm balance to another. Example: Firefly to flyingsplit

FOCUS - back & buttock

Patricia LETENDRE // Thursday 28th of September @ 7:30pm

. Event at STUDIO .

This event is like a laboratory for exploring the body! Incorporating basic anatomy; understanding how an area works in movement, and how different parts of the body and its systems work together. Balls will be used in self-massage techniques (MFR) to release tension, restore or improve mobility as well as help reduce pain.This class is a treat for the body and mind! Come take care of yourself and leave with tools to integrate into your daily life to help you move and feel better.In this edition of FOCUS, we'll explore an area that can often feel stiff if you spend a lot of time sitting: the lower back. To ensure deep relaxation of the lower back, we'll look at techniques to massage the buttocks and deep abdominal muscles.**Myofascial release (MFR) is a highly effective tool to release muscle tension, restore or improve mobility and help manage pain. The term myofascial is used to describe the fascia surrounding the muscles. *It is a layer of tissue that surrounds and connects muscles, bones, organs (in fact everything in our body).

Shake away stress

Alain STAROSTA// Saturday 29th of JULY @ 10am

. Workshop at the STUDIO .

TRE (tension release exercises) is a series of seven exercises that turn on our bodies’ natural ability to release deep seated stress, tension and old patterns.Though our stories are important, with TRE you don’t have to talk about your story, the mind takes a rest as your body does the work for you. This technique is easy to learn and has shown very positive results in helping to balance the nervous system and calm the mind.

Cost: 20$