300 hours ~ 12 WEEKENDS


11TH edition | 2024.2025

Have you ever felt a deep sense of alignment in  your movements and a heightened connection to your breath during a yoga class? A calming of the mind and emotions? A letting go of your body within a deeper state of awareness & consciousness? 


If you’ve witnessed these sensations, it’s probably why you’re here today. 


Once you’ve had a taste of this age-old medicine, you want to go back for more. It’s so nourishing that we want to weave it into our daily lives, share and pass on  its knowledge and wisdom..

Our yoga teacher training is embarking on its 11th year, and we’re incredibly excited about launching the 2024/25 cohort! 


STUDIO MILE END has accompanied more than 500 students through a rich training program that evolves with the times  while respecting tradition. 


Many students choose our yoga teacher training to deepen their practice, aspiring not only towards a deeper understanding, but to establish foundations that support a desire to teach and share their experience. 


There is a strong chance that the  tools passed on during this training course will serve you in your day-to-day life to improve your mental well-being, stress management and sleep quality… Concrete tools to make you more autonomous with the management of your overall health and well-being.

Our school is known for its



mindful and caring teaching

the foundation of the STUDIO MILE END signature.




Gaining an in-depth understanding of how your body works will enable you to deepen your yoga practice and grasp the mechanisms involved in the different postures. This is an essential foundation for building well sequenced, safe but also creative yoga classes. 



We also focus on developing the power of observation, enabling you to cultivate a sensitivity to the diversity of different body morphologies. Being a good listener and attentive to your group will make you a well-informed teacher.


The world of YOGA is vast. It offers a multitude of practices that aren’t limited to asanas (yoga postures). We’ll explore this richness with you to ignite your curiosity and help you find your color as a teacher: the science of breath (pranayama), meditation, philosophy, chakras, mantras… An exploration that is rich in diversity. 




As teachers, our responsibility is to guide our students towards a better understanding of themselves.

Through reflection and exchange, the journey we propose with our 300h yoga training invites you to listen, question and rediscover yourself, laying the foundation to go beyond. An experience in which you choose yourself by taking the time to learn a discipline that has the potential to anchor you in your body and in your emotions.



yoga practice and techniques

Theory and asanas practice



Restorative Yoga

Yin Yoga

Yoga Nidra



Anatomy and physiology

Study od subtle body (Prana, nadis, koshas & vayus)

Theory of stretching

human science of yoga






Hindu mythology


teaching essentials

Teaching skills

Adjustments and assistance

Postural analysis, observation and questionning

Business of Yoga

Personal observation, group discussion and journaling


Privilege and oppression


~ What makes our training unique ? ~

A learning community: When you take part in our training program, you join a community that cares about people and building relationships. That’s why our yoga school is committed to accompanying you on this long and exciting journey. We offer a 300H training, a mentorship program, an advanced training, year-round workshops, festivals with guest teachers and more!


The experience we offer doesn’t end with the 300H training!

Inclusivity is at the heart of our reflections and guides our actions. We recognize that this space may not seem accessible or safe for everyone. Through the introspection of yoga, we wish to encourage the recognition of our privileges, our oppressions, our biases and thus be able to engage in discussion. It’s a long journey, one that we commit ourselves to day by day. 

Since the creation of our teacher training program by Jill Campbell and Terri McCollum, 3 hours of the training are devoted to Privileges & Oppressions, specifically in the yoga milieu.


 Finally, to promote diversity among our teacher training students, we offer one 50% off scholarship per cohort for people from marginalized communities and identities who are under-represented in Western yoga communities. This includes, but is not limited to, people from the LGBTQIA2U+ community, BIPOC and people with disabilities.


We recognize that not everyone who is under-represented in yoga studios has a lack of funds. We do, however, acknowledge that it can be uncomfortable and risky coming into a space where the majority of participants, along with the teaching and administrative staff are from dominant identities. 

This scholarship seeks to recognize this situation and to encourage people from under-represented groups to take part in the training. 

When you take part in our training program, you join a community that cares about people and building relationships. That’s why our yoga school is committed to accompanying you on this long and exciting journey. We offer a 300H training, a mentorship program, an advanced training, year-round workshops, festivals with guest teachers and more!


The experience we offer doesn’t end with the 300H training!

The world of yoga is vast, both in terms of the training available and the work environment. STUDIO MILE END is a school where you can perfect your knowledge following the 300h training, whether through our 100h Advanced Training or our specific training courses such as Yoga Nidra, Chakras, Pilates. What’s more, the 300h training includes a section on “The Business of Yoga” to help you understand the challenges and opportunities that come with developing your career path.

As a graduate, you become a of our school, giving you access to discounts on our training courses, workshops and events!

~ teaching team ~



Patricia Letendre has been teaching yoga since 2010, with over 1000 hours of training and more than 15 years of personal practice. Passionate about the human body, she'll teach you about anatomy, biomechanics and physiology. Mother of a wonderful daughter and a dog, she's also an avid knitter!


Marie-Pier Turgeon has been teaching yoga since 2011. Her first training was in Hatha yoga with a strong emphasis on Iyengar-style alignment. She then plunged into the world of Vinyasa in 2013 and more recently into Ashtanga in 2016. She will guide you through postures, self-awareness, ayurveda and the subtle body. Her life is dedicated to her daughter and her practice.

jill campbell

Jill has been integral to the 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training at STUDIO MILE END since the studio's first year offering it. Jill is passionate about providing programs and information that spread the wisdom, history, and practice of yoga.

Terri mccollum

Jill has been integral to the 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training at STUDIO MILE END since the studio's first year offering it. She truly believes that practice itself, of all the limbs, is the true teacher and she's hoping to inspire and nurture her students to cultivate their own path.


Owner of STUDIO MILE END for over 4 years, Rachel manages our teaching team. She'll share how to create a well structured, fluid and intelligent sequence tailored to your students’ needs.


Owner of STUDIO MILE END for over 4 years, Ariane also owns 2 other businesses. She'll teach you the keys to launching your yoga career.

Geneviève Guerard

Owner of STUDIO MILE END since its creation, Geneviève has developed a great sensitivity to the student experience during class. She will share with you what her years of teaching and practicing have taught her about this aspect.

FRANCES vicente

Pendant la formation Jivamukti, Frances a découvert son amour pour le Sanskrit et le chant, ce qui l’a amené à approfondir ses connaissances en continuant ses études avec Manorama D’Alvia et à compléter une formation professorale de Sanskrit avec Zoe Mai. Elle vous enseignera donc sa passion pour le langage et le chant autour du YOGA.


She is a graduate of the first cohort of the Wanderlust teacher training program in 2014. Being attentive to the way we welcome and guide a new practitioner is just one of her teaching strengths, she will be happy to share her thoughts and observations on this subject.


Passionate about the nervous system, Beatrice will teach you how yoga can positively influence your brain's ability to change, and how to use the principles of neuroplasticity to thrive in your practice.
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Discover their biographies


yoga teacher training ~ 300 HourS

28th of september to 11th of may
Saturday | 8am to 5pm & sunday | 8am to 4pm

The schedule is detailed on the document below.

earlybird price | 3100$*

* no tax will be charged

Payment plan is available. The whole amount should be paid by September 1st 2024.



Payment plan is available. The whole amount should be paid by May 1st 2025.


We offer a scholarship for the 2024-2025 edition. Please click on the link below to get all the information. 

included in the price:
~ the training | 300 hours
~ Manual and exercice workbook
~ 8 months unlimited membership at the studio
~ 12 months unlimited online membership
~ a lifetime 20% DISCOUNT on our memberships
~ A lifetime access to special prices on workshops, events and festivals.
*** we are a certified AS school by THE government OF QUEBEC. TUITON fees paid by a deemed resident of Canada for courses in an educational institution to obtain skills for, or improve their skills in, an occupation are eligible for the tuition tax credit ***


yoga teacher training ~ 330 HoURS

This year we are offering our students the opportunity to add a “MENTORSHIP” module to their  300H training. This 30 hours program lasts 2 months and is recognized by the Yoga Alliance as continuing education credits. 


This program gives you the opportunity to be paired with one of our teachers to deepen your teaching with individual guidance, support and feedback. 


Structured observation of 6 regular classes (3 in person & 3 online)

Present in 3 of your mentor’s classes to practice adjustments

Teach 3 classes to the STUDIO MILE END community. Each class will be observed by your mentor with one-on-one meetings following the classes.

5 individual meetings with your mentor to deepen your teaching skills

earlybird PRICE | 3800$*


Payment plan is available. The whole amount should be paid by September 1st 2024.

earlybird PRICE | 4250$*


Payment plan is available. The whole amount should be paid by May 1st 2025.


We will offer a scholarship for our 2024 / 2025 cohort. Use the link below for more details. 

~ the training | 300 hours
~ MENTORship | 30 hours
~ manual and exercice workbook
~ 10 months unlimited membership at the studio
~ 12 months unlimited online membership
~ a lifetime 20% DISCOUNT on our memberships
~ A lifetime access to special prices on workshops, events and festivals.

information session



Would you like more information about our training program? Meet the teachers? This is the perfect opportunity! A 30-minute presentation with a question period afterwards. The session takes place online! Please register using the link below! 

~ what we stand for ? ~



We are committed to transmitting a program that respects the philosophical precepts of YOGA as accurately as possible, while applying them to the world we live in today. The study of history, philosophy, language and value systems is essential to navigating the teachings with integrity.


In our complex and diverse world, we are all united by our common humanity. Exploring our truth and our authenticity in all their vulnerability, are acts of courage that require patience and kindness. To ourselves and to others. Our intention is to cultivate a world where equality and empathy are the pillars of our interactions.


At STUDIO MILE END we are committed to maintaining a safe and caring space. We recognize that self-exploration requires a space where each participant feels confident, and can therefore rely on others. For this to happen, we need to build relationships, know the framework of our interactions and define the rules of our exchanges. In this way, an environment is created where everyone can feel free to explore their personal power.


It's Socratic irony! The more knowledge we acquire, the more we realize how much there is that we don't know. This concept emphasizes intellectual humility and encourages the constant pursuit of knowledge and understanding, even if this means recognizing our own limitations. We are constantly both teachers and students of YOGA.

~ what we are not ~



We're not here to offer a program that will cure you or transform your life. This experience may happen, but it's yours and yours alone. Each path is unique. It's a practice that requires commitment, hard work and discipline. We are here to accompany and support you.

performance oriented

We are not a performance-oriented school. Above all, we believe in self-exploration at your own pace. The important thing is to listen to your body, your limits and your goals. If you feel like pushing yourself, go for it! But you do not have to in order to succeed in your training.


We're not a spiritual space. We explore, we discuss, we learn. But spirituality is above all personal and intimate. There are no gurus in our school.

~ registration ~

yoga teacher training 300H & 330H


    It can be difficult to make sense of all the teacher training programs offered in Montreal or online. Every school or studio that offers trainings for future yoga teachers will have a program for individuals that have never taught yoga before. Whether you have been practicing yoga for 6 months or 10 years, if it’s your first time learning how to teach yoga, you will need to start with a 200-hour certification. 


    Further, regardless of the style of yoga being taught at a studio (hatha, vinyasa, hot yoga, fitness, etc.), a 200h teacher training will first and foremost teach the fundamentals of HATHA YOGA, because that is where postural yoga stems from. 

    Teacher trainings can vary on multiple aspects, including: 

    • Structure;
    • Content;
    • Studio culture or vibe;
    • Teachers.

    STUDIO MILE END has been offering teacher trainings for more than 10 years. In light of the experience we have acquired over these years, we decided to change the structure of our program for it to better respond to students’ expectations and to the current social climate. 

    Our teacher training is based on an hourglass model, meaning that it is a training that builds students’ knowledge over time and experience. We have made the choice to offer a training that is not divided by themes (for example, ASANAS or PRANAYAMA) over the different weekends, but rather to study the various aspects of yoga throughout the entire training. This means that asanas and anatomy will be studied every weekend, while other themes, such as meditation, pranayama or philosophy, will be taught at various times during the course of the training. We find it important to study, for example, “downward facing dog” at the start of the training and to revisit it later on, when more time has been spent learning anatomy. This is one of many reasons why we structured our program in such a way, which allows students to process the material in a deeper and more thorough manner. 

    The most important tool in a yoga class is undoubtedly the BODY. Consequently, it is fundamental to learn how it works in order to understand its limits, both for yourself and for your future students. It is obviously possible to injure oneself in a yoga class and, accordingly, we want to help prevent that, both by teaching you to listen to your own body and to teach in a clear manner to avoid students getting hurt. 

    This is why the content of our training focuses primarily on anatomy, body biomechanics, and poses (asanas). Understanding how the body works will help you to set your limits, to create safe classes for your future students, and to be independent in your teaching. In turn, this will also allow you to be more creative in your sequencing, while also learning how to respond to your students’ needs. 

    Many of our students have been practicing with us for months or even years. They know us, our teaching style, our commitment to the practice, our teachers, our vibe. This is a part of what makes our training truly special. 

    Having a sense of how a studio feels is an important part of deciding to commit to a teacher training. If you have never been to the studio, it will be our pleasure to offer you a complimentary class for you to come and meet us. We want you to be confident in choosing our training. 

    Alongside our studio culture, the teachers of the training are an integral part of the training. Get to know them, talk with them. They have a lot of experience, whether about teaching yoga or about the training itself. The more experience a teacher has, the more they will be able to envision yoga as a whole. Having teachers who are able to do that and to respect and acknowledge the origins of yoga, while presenting it in a contemporary and relevant manner for our modern society, is important and our teachers strive to do exactly that. 

    Based on comments from past students and people interested in taking our teacher training, here are a few points to consider when choosing a program: 

    • Take different classes at the different studios you are considering. At a minimum, take one class at a studio before committing to their training program. Make sure that you feel comfortable within the space, that the vibe of the studio is aligned with you, that you get along with the teachers and that you connect with the community. If you are able to take classes with the specific teachers of the training program, that is even better. 
    • Attend the information session (or watch the recording).
    • Do not hesitate to message the person in charge of the training to ask questions and to make sure that the program is best suited to you. 
    • Double check that the dates work with your schedule and make sure you will have enough time to study and practice during the course of the training. 

    Approximately 75% of the people registering for our teacher training do it to deepen their own personal practice. Teaching is thus not the main objective of most people taking the training. 

    Partaking in a yoga teacher training is first and foremost about offering ourselves some time and space to nurture our wellbeing. Yoga is a great self actualization tool, it can give us the means to take care of ourselves in a more autonomous manner, to create relationships with others, to reflect on life and its meanings. Yoga offers us teachings from a thousand-year old culture, with many treasures. 

    Yoga offers us a pause from our busy lives to deepen our relationship with our own bodies, our breathing, our thought processes, the way we manage our stress… It allows us to ask ourselves questions, to engage with others, and to practice. Yoga can be a form of therapy; an important break from our busy lives. Yoga is a tool amongst many others that can be helpful to create space in our day to day lives, to make us more resilient, more grounded and more self aware. 

    Our community is what sets us apart from other yoga studios. We are always moved by the connections that are created at the studio. 

    Our teacher training students create new friendships around a common passion and it is not rare that these last for many years after the training has ended. This is one of the best aspects of the teacher training. Nothing is quite as special as seeing our students create new connections in this way and hearing them say that the studio feels like a second home. 

    As a way to encourage these connections, we offer a complimentary membership to teacher training participants. Students are also members of the studio for life, which means that they will always have access to a reduced rate for workshops and events. A party is also held at the end of every teacher training to celebrate this milestone for the students. 

    Once the 200h teacher training is over, students are welcomed to continue their education by signing up for our IMMERSION SERIES or our MENTORSHIP PROGRAM. Both of these options will help you to perfect your teaching skills. 

    Finally, we organize a FESTIVAL in September where professors (both invited and regular teachers from the studio) will teach special classes and workshops. This is one of the many ways we take care of our community, which is our true purpose.