28.29.30 OCTOBER // 11.12.13 NOVEMBER
9.10.11 DECEMBER // 6.7.8 JANUARY
yoga training online or in studio at montreal, your choice!

The weekend schedule is: 

Friday, Saturday and Sunday 7am – 4pm 


Please note that the hourly schedule is subject to change.



You are expected to attend every session offered for the duration of the five weekends. Missed sessions are difficult, if not impossible to make up, even with personal study and homework. The live sessions will be mixed format, including physical practice, guided discussions, personal reflections, teaching practice, and lecture-based. We will have small group moments, where individual voices can be heard more readily, and larger group activities where we all share an experience, as well as personal moments to reflect, practice, and study independently. 



Every job or hobby I ever invested myself in plateaued. I realized that yoga had transitioned with me through many life changes and managed, not only to hold on, but to stimulate interest, questions and growth. The more I learned and practiced the more I wanted to learn and practice.


On the micro level, asana provides a place where I can let go of all else that swirls around in my mind; on a more macro level, it has helped me through life challenges and enriched my experience along the way, providing a platform for self-love, support and community. My refuge, my temple, my student, my meditation, my movement, my mirror, my counsellor, my community, my devil’s advocate, my rudder, my teacher, my breath, my soul… it’s right here, and, for so many reasons, i feel it all deeply when moving through asana. How can I not share it with others? I’ve practiced with wonderful guides and gurus. I pass on their teachings in honour and appreciation.

terri mccollum

I was influenced early in life by the practice of yoga. My first classes were after school at 11 years old, in my adolescence and teen years I became very fascinated by different tools for self-discovery and expansion of thought. As a teenager I found the practice of asana to be a great compliment to my other physical activities, and meditation a tool for calming and focusing my busy mind. This is likely what planted the seeds for my later pursuits in meditation and yoga. 


At 19 I took my first trip to India to study more deeply and intensely the practice and philosophy of yoga. That first trip took me to a number of Ashrams in Southern India. I developed a keen desire to know more about the history, language and culture surrounding yoga. 


This fascination led me to complete my studies in Asian religion and South Asia and to make several subsequent trips to India. Over the years I have been lucky to have the opportunity to practice with many wonderful teachers in several yoga traditions and various movement practices. 


My personal practice is exploratory and varied including many modalities of movement, pranayama and meditation. In my teaching I draw upon many influences but really encourage a practice unique to the individual. 


I truly believe that practice itself, of all the limbs, is the true teacher and I hope to inspire and nurture my students to cultivate their own path.


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