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Advanced yoga teacher training at montreal, in the heart of plateau mont royal

STUDIO MILE END is delighted to present the 6th edition of our 100 hour Advanced Teacher Training! This program is developed, written, and guided by Terri McCollum and Jill Campbell. These two talented and experienced teachers envisioned a program for yoga instructors to enrich their understanding of yoga as a whole and to hone their teaching skills to deliver satiating classes built on knowledge and imagination.


In this program you will reexamine your yoga teaching habits, and consider options and opportunities that leave room for your growth and learning, and that of your students. You will dive back into classical philosophy with a modern approach. You will deconstruct and reconstruct asana in your body and mind until it fits your unique structure and breathes fully. You will work your edge physically, and push your potential creatively.

This training takes place over 4 weekends. It is recognized worldwide.


This is a continuing education program designed for teachers who have a minimum of 6 months experience and a 200hr training or advanced practitioners with 5-10 years of practice experience. 


The program is constantly evolving. Every year Jill and Terri edit, improve, and add to the curriculum. Designed to inspire, the 100hr training is established in the philosophy and the physical practice of yoga.


In the physical aspect, you will explore and learn about the starting points of asana alignment, general and specific cueing, morphological variants, intelligent sequencing, postural dilemmas and support, mobility and range of motion, and modern movement theories that apply to classical asana practice. Our goal is that you leave the course with a keen eye to decipher physical alignment as it manifests across diverse bodies. This course is founded in the signature STUDIO MILE END style, a creative and intelligent vinyasa structure. We will also spend time deciphering asana on their own in a more Hatha style approach to broaden your understanding of postural intricacies. 

Philosophically, you will dive into the traditional texts of yoga, including the Sutras of Patanjali, and the Bhagavad Gita, to clarify yogic beliefs and your path. You will be refreshed in the history of Yoga to create context and perspective around our practice and its evolution. Animated discussions and self-reflection are tools we use to bring yogic wisdom into a modern perspective, applicable to the individual. Inquisitive minds will delight in age-old quandaries that ask us to consider life, death, and who we are.


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