teacher training program

yoga alliance certified teacher training

Our 200 Hr training is accredited by the international YOGA ALLIANCE and recognized by the Government as an educational program.   Marie-Pier TURGEON and Patricia LETENDRE will lead the training, along with Jill CAMPBELL and Terri McCOLLUM who will join as guest teachers. 



This will be the 10th Edition!  An anniversary cohort that highlights a lot of hard work, learning & evolution!  More than 300 students have gone through the program to become teachers and to learn  about their practice, their bodies and themselves. The training is  a fabulous gateway to enriching our understanding  of GLOBAL well being: body, spirit, heart and mind. 


Many of our past teacher trainees have wished to teach, but first and foremost have taken this training to deepen their yoga practice and knowledge. This HATHA VINYASA training is, above all, an invitation to embark on your personal journey: one of self-exploration guided by the tools that yoga offers, and enriched by the many discussions you will have with your instructors and fellow students. COMMUNITY is what we at STUDIO MILE END are all about. It is the anchor of our school and identity. We know that group work fosters individual growth. 

Welcome to a community that strives to create an environment where we listen to, and support, each other without judgment, building a safer place for you to dive deep. 


This is a  12 weekends style format, divided into four modules and based on the 200-hour Yoga Alliance certification. It is recognized internationally and will allow you to teach anywhere in the world.

This training has evolved considerably throughout the years. 2020 has been particularly special as we have redesigned the 200 hour program, including new manuals and course content to reflect the ever-evolving world of yoga. Course content and manuals were composed primarily by Terri McCollum and Jill Campbell, with the brilliant contributions of Marie-Pier Turgeon and Patricia Letendre.


The richness of yoga’s history and philosophy will be explored, discussed, and expanded upon. You will delve into the immense history of this practice in palatable and interactive ways.


You will be exposed to subtle body studies including koshas, chakras, and vayus, as well as the philosophy of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and the eight limb practice. We will examine the ways tradition is relevant today and apply yogic philosophy to our current situations.  


The information shared by your instructors comes from the most renowned resources, including their seasoned professional experiences, ensuring the legitimacy of the training. As providers of internationally certified Yoga Alliance training, we are committed to sharing everything from the big picture to the tiniest details, from the generic to the specific, all to build a clear, structured and rich training.


If you’d like to see the detailed program, please  click on the picture below!