15 & 16 OF NOVEMBER 2024


I teach a fun, dynamic and intelligent Yoga class. I like to keep it fresh. I use my hands well and know the body. I’m an eager student, so I’m constantly teaching new stuff I’ve recently learned. Over the years I’ve come to understand well the ways of relating the depth of Yoga, without talking too much about Krishna, or giving opinions about how to live your life. 

I only teach what I know, but what I’ve come to know has changed me in a profound way, and it can have the same impact on others. I believe in Yoga’s ability to create change; instil power; and make people happy.


Effort And Ease

FRIDAY 15TH NovembER | 9AM @ 11:30AM

Learning how to downregulate your nervous system is a precious and invaluable gift. One of the most accessible, and effective ways to do this is through manipulating your breath. But your body is an integrated system – your posture greatly affects the way you breathe. So if you really want to control your breath, you must first understand how to position yourself in order to breathe well. Come learn repositioning techniques that will help improve your posture, your breath, and grant you access to your nervous system. We’re gonna work hard – it takes effort to alter posture. But I promise you an easy breezy, nurturing breath practice at the end. You’re gonna leave feeling super chill and high as a kite. All levels welcome.


saTURdAY 16TH NovembER | 2PM @ 4PM

In order to move well, you’ve gotta have strong/stable hips. We’ve all been told to increase flexibility by stretching this area, but what we really wanna do is strengthen our hips (and to optimally position our pelvic floor). This workshop will offer strength-building techniques that you can incorporate into your Yoga/movement practice. We’ll discuss the benefits of mobilizing (not stretching) this important area of the body. It’s gonna be challenging, but I can almost guarantee you’ll feel better walking out of this workshop than you did walking in. And you’ll leave with a whole new perspective on how to maximize the health of your hips. 

classes schedule

master class | friday 15th of november

2pm @ 3:30pm

studio 1 | saturday 16th of november

12pm @ 1pm